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In just four years of operation, Wish has already become one of the most popular mobile shopping apps in Europe and the United States. It has evolved into a gigantic B2C platform in terms of trading volume and operating scale, by featuring the integration of “mobile terminal + intelligent recommendation + cross-border e-commerce” and focusing on the shopping characteristics of various consumer groups.



As the leading video entertainment brand in China, iQIYI focuses on creating content IP supported by technological innovations in order to develop a considerable amount of high-quality original content in recent years, which leads to the explosive growth of Internet-enabled entertainment, including online variety shows, online dramas and movies. Additionally, it provides VIP paid membership services in China.



Established in 2014, this company is the manufacturer of vehicles, having its headquarter in Shanghai, China. Presently, there are more than 2,000 personnel. The founder of this company, Li Bin (former CEO of Dangdang.com and CEO of BitAuto.com) has rich experience in company operation as well as automobile industry and capital. The first production car is estimated to be delivered in the beginning of 2018.



As the global leading developer of deep learning platform, SenseTime specializes in leading the breakthrough of core technology in artificial intelligence, “deep learning” to construct industrial solution to artificial intelligence as well as big data analysis. Some members in the core group of SenseTime Technology are doctorial scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Tsinghua University and other top universities. Other members are industrial elites from Microsoft, Google, Lenovo, Baidu etc. SenseTime Technology quickly became the leading enterprise in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) industry by accumulating technology, talents and different patents. It is one of AI unicorns, which has the most financial amount in the world.



As the leading third-party payment service provider in China, China UMS is an iconic name which has great brand value, as it has consistently taken the largest market share in the payment and acquiring sector.


Shanghai Film Art AcademyCurrent

The Shanghai Film Art Academy is a full-day institute of higher education in the fine arts, which is recognized by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture as well as Shanghai Municipal Government. Being one of two independent educational institutions in China focused on film, this Academy teaches programs that are designed for the film industry and focuses on cultivating the film technology talents in a practical way.


DA LINGCurrent

Daling is a leading mobile shopping recommendation app in China, which has a customer base of more than 16 million users. Its target consumers are primarily females that are 30 years old or below. Stock covers high-end international and domestic beauty, snack and lifestyle products, as well as fashion accessories, of which Haitao beauty care (海淘美护) is a feature product category with young female consumers as its target. Its diversified stocks provide a vast market space to Daling in the cross-border e-commerce industry.


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