about us


Everbright-IDG Industrial Fund ( “the Fund” or “光际资本投资管理 (北京  )有限公司” ) is one of the leading buyout funds in the Chinese market. The Fund has a total committed capital of no less than RMB 20 billion. Our ultimate mission is to create the country’s  influential industrial buyout fund by helping foster industry-wide advances and sharing in significant profits with investors. We are well placed to seize historic investment opportunities afforded by the current developments in China’s buyout industry, through a razor-sharp focus on making value investments.


The Fund is a joint initiative of the cross-border asset management platform of China Everbright Limited (“CEL”), which is an enterprise with state-owned background, as well as IDG Capital Partners (“IDG Capital”), a quality management company for international equity investments.

ZHAO WEI | Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of China Everbright Limited
“The Fund’s elite investment team, which includes members of both CEL and IDG Capital, is fully committed to day-to-day investment policies and project management. The collaboration between CEL and IDG Capital combines and maximizes the rich experience and sizeable resources of both companies in investment and capital operations, within and outside China. The cooperation between these two powerful market players has created the influential ibuyout fund in China, which shares the historic opportunities offered by the transformation and enhancement of the Chinese economy and the stable growth of the capital market with different investors.”


HUGO SHONG | Global Chairman, IDG Capital
“With the increasing amount of China's industrial capital, when the endogenous growth of enterprises reaches the ceiling, growth can only be achieved through the extension of mergers and acquisitions. Thus, the ear of a substantial amount of M&A fund has come.”


We have the ability to allocate resources around the world. The Fund is supported by CEL, a leading enterprise with state-owned background, as well as IDG Capital, a quality management company for international equity investments, looking for Unicorn enterprises around the world in order to help them and provide the  valuable capital to them.


Mainly driven by data and technology, FinTech is changing the ecological structure of the financial industry. Dependent on the advantageous resources of Everbright Group in financial industry and its deep understanding in financial field, as well as deeply ploughing of IDG Capital in the internet field, the Fund plays an important role in leading financial technology industry, invests technology suppliers at the bottom and provides services to consumers. FinTech completely benefits from the emergence of financial technology.
Chinese economy is entering the stage of transformation and renovation with the increased amount of engines changing from investment-driven to innovation and consumption-driven. Everbright-IDG Fund deeply ploughs in pan-entertainment and grasps the top resources in the whole industrial chain, in order to make layout from the film and television education in upstream to video platform companies in downstream at home and abroad. Thus, a complete industrial chain of pan-entertainment is formed.
Technological innovation is pushing the world development. We are engaged in seeking and supporting excellent enterprises in pushing human development and growing jointly in the world. We believe that technological advancement will certainly create historical values.
Everbright-IDG Fund expects the consumption update. Meanwhile, the layout of top resources both at home and abroad ensures that the investment has high-growth cross-border e-commerce, excellent consumption brand as well as creative consumption tendency.


The Fund is a representative of the prominent buyout fund in China. We focus on global enterprises in their industries and provide industrial resources and capital support to them in both domestic and oversea market, in order to help them achieve a platform-level integration. The Fund is a long-term partner with our invested companies.